User Studies play a critical role in user experience.  Over the years I’ve done it in many ways, from the traditional paper and stopwatch to more advanced software solutions like Silverback and Morae.  Below are some sample deliverables from a few projects.


User Study 1

One study I ran was to determine issues with the Longwood College website.

Document 1

Doc 2

User Study 2

Another example of user studies as part of a complete site redesign was the California Office of the Patient Advocate.  I was the UX Lead and PM on this project,which involved several rounds of user studies in the course of the site redesign.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

I used Morae for the user study, and created client deliverables using Powerpoint.

Document 1newopa002newopa003newopa006newopa007newopa008newopa009newopa010newopa004newopa012newopa013newopa011

And the final designed site.

Final design