Case Study 2
Commonwealth of Virginia Web Policy

The Problem
The Commonwealth of Virginia was beginning a new series of eGovernment initiatives, and the Governor wanted to create a standardized approach to the executive branch’s Web presence.  As the expert on Web usability and accessibility in Virginia, I was tasked with creating the policy document the state would use going forward.  The largest hurdle was that the large number of disparate government agencies were not at all eager to follow a guideline they had no involvement in creating.

UX Lead, Strategy Lead, Web SME.

Traditional UX in a Waterfall environment.

Although I had already based the first draft of the document on existing research and best practices, as well as user studies performed on, it was obvious that there was resistance to the idea of setting standards. We decided, then, to change the concept from something we created to something created by all the stakeholders.  We then created a Steering Committee made up of the more vocal and influence members of state government.  For the next several months we set about as a team to create a policy and template, using my original document as a first draft and adding or cutting anything that we as a group agreed on.

Document and Deliverables